June 2019 Meeting

Bryan’s Journey to Financial Freedom Thru Real Estate!

Date: June 20, 2019

Bryan has had a huge desire for Financial Freedom ever since meeting Robert Allen back in the 90’s. Robert had an income stream WAY greater than his monthly expenses. He didn’t have to work another day in his life if he didn’t want to. Bryan thought, “holy shit, that would be a game changer.” At the time he was living pay check to pay check as a real estate appraiser.

Then one day in 2002 at breakfast he and his business partner Jim Stiegemeier decided to quit their jobs and jump into Real Estate Investing Full-Time. At first it was two men and a truck (Jim, Bryan and a Toyota Tundra) flipping one house at a time.

In one sense this gave a ton of Freedom. No boss, no time clock, no schedule. Just find deals, rehab then and sell them. Hopefully, for a HUGE profit. There were challenges along the way but they were WAY outweighed by the FREEDOM! But he wanted more…….

Bryan Schroeder – Featured Speaker

He wanted that income stream that came in whether or not he found that next deal. This is when they started buying rentals. One or two every month for the next 12 years. Damn, that is a lot of houses! Every time they bought another house, as long as it cash flowed, they increased their income. This is how Bryan eventually found Financial Freedom.

Come out to the club on June 20th. He is going to share some hilarious stories from the journey along with some incredibly valuable lessons he has learned over the years. Lessons that you can use in your business today whether you are a new real estate investor or if you have been in the business for many years.

Bryan loves to share what he has learned in the hopes to help others who also have that strong desire to find Freedom!