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FasterFreedom is part of the FasterHouse family of companies, the premier residential real estate investment company in the Saint Louis metro area.  Our office is located in Saint Charles in the beautiful New Town community.  We have multiple divisions including flipping, rentals, lending, traditional sales and education all within the real estate field.

FasterFreedom is an education and entertainment business helping real estate investors create more Freedom in their lives.  We are looking for someone to organize and oversee the daily operations of this business.  FasterFreedom is a small company at the moment with an in-person and social media following and several products including a Live Rental Investing Academy, Bootcamps and a MasterCoaching group.  You will be working very closely with the visionary and marketing genius of this business to ensure our business is well-coordinated and productive by leading the team, implementing the strategic plan, improving efficiency and facilitating long-term growth and success of the company.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Implement the current strategic plan and vision for FasterFreedom and have the ability to implement new ideas and strategies as they arise.
  • Handle operations of the Live Rental Academy, Monthly Bootcamps, MasterCoaching Group and the other products for the company.
  • Work with the “personalities” at the FasterHouse family of companies to continuously improve the content and operation of our events. 
  • On board new students/members to our academy and coaching groups. 
  • Work with our affiliates and the social media platforms to create solid relationships and drive financial results. 
  • Evaluate regularly the efficiency of business procedures to ensure they meet organizational objectives, focusing on continuous improvement and growth.
  • Being flexible to do whatever needs to be done for the team.

Preferred requirements and skills:

The ideal candidate:

  • A Passion for Real Estate Investing and helping others be successful.
  • Outstanding communication and people skills.
  • Someone who brings energy, enthusiasm as well as their own ideas and experience to our team.
  • Strong technology skills and social media skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.

This is a full-time position. Salary range between $70,000 to $80,000 based upon experience and qualifications. Benefits include paid holidays and vacation, health insurance, short term disability insurance and 401K with match. 

Send Resume and Cover Letter to

How To Buy Rentals Using the BRRRR Strategy

A successful BRRRR strategy deal all starts with how well you purchase the house. In this video Sam goes into how to find, analyze, and buy at rental property investment.

How to Buy Rental Property With Instant Equity- Buying Tips- [(B)Buy of the BRRRR Strategy]

Alright, today we are going to cover the “B” which stands for buy of the BRRRR strategy.

This is critical for all the other steps to do what they’re supposed to do so you can get your money back and have no money out of pocket.

So in this video:

  • We are gonna cover the types of properties you can use for a BRRRR strategy.
  • We’re gonna cover the best property for your specific BRRRR strategy.
  • We’re gonna figure out show you guys how to find the deals.
  • We’re gonna go over the buying formulas you use to make sure you buy the deal at the right price.
  • We’re gonna go over the different ways to fund the properties on the upfront and fund the rehab.
  • We’re gonna go over how to determine your offer price.
  • We’re gonna go over how to determine the amount of rent you can charge and
  • We’re gonna go over a summary of what makes a great BRRRR strategy buy.

00:41  Types Of Properties You Can Use The BRRRR Strategy On

There are many different types of properties that you can use the BRRRR strategy for.  We’re mainly gonna go over single-family houses but you can use them for duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, multifamily, storage units.

Basically, anything that you buy in a discount and do something to and refinance out, you can use the BRRRR strategy for.

So anything you buy, you can use the BRRRR strategy for as long as you can buy it, do something to it, rent it, make income off it, refinance at a bank, and then repeat.

So basically, any type of property that produces income, you can use the BRRRR strategy for.

01:14  How to Find BRRRR Deals to Buy

You maybe wondering how am I gonna find the deal so I can actually utilize the BRRRR strategy. So we’re gonna tell you.

There’s two main ways to find deals and we’re going to break them down a little bit.

First Method – Build Relationships with Connectors

The first main way is through your relationship buildings.

Through connectors or people you know. So, you need to tell everybody you know that you’re looking for houses to buy at a discount.

You’re looking to buy as-is houses. You’re looking to buy houses that need work.

If you tell everybody you know you’d be very surprised at how many people come across houses that need work and they don’t know what to do with them.

Second Method – Connecting with Wholesalers

So other ways to find deals through relationships are wholesalers. They’re in your market. They’re out finding deals.

There’s a lot of different ways you can find it.

You can go on local Facebook groups and search for meetup groups or people that are looking to buy or sell houses. It’s pretty easy to do it that way. 

Another way, those little bandit signs on the side of the road those are wholesalers. Some of them are looking to buy and hold the deal but lot of them are looking to buy and sell.

So if you call those numbers that are on those signs and say, “Hey, I’d like to be added to your buyers list.”

That’s a great way to do it.

Another way is to go to the local meetups. The REI meetup groups. You can find those on Facebook or you can Google them.

You know wherever you live just type in “X” town “We Buy Houses” go through the Google list there’s a lot of people that are buying houses in your local area that you may or may not know.

So to recap the relationship building section of how you can find deals, tell everybody you know we call them “connectors” tell everybody you know that you’re looking to buy houses.

It might be a bowling alley owner.  We buy houses from a bowling alley owner or it might be an insurance agent or a real estate agent.

But basically, tell everybody you know that’s in the industry and even your friends and family that are out of the industry that might come across a house that needs some work and then someone’s looking to sell as is at a potential discount.

02:55  Other Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

Go Directly to Sellers

So the second way you can find deals besides talking to people and building relationships is going directly to the seller.

Now this way is a little bit harder just because it usually requires you to have a strategy and to spend some money.

Direct Mail

A main way people do that is direct mail.

You can go online and find lists or go to neighborhoods or find different ways and you write letters or send postcards and send them directly to the people that through the list you’re buying or through the condition of their house from the exterior looks like it they could potentially want to sell their house.

So we send five to ten thousand pieces a month directly to sellers trying to get them to bring us their deals before they send you know they send them shout them out and you know list them online or do whatever.

Online Marketing

Another way you can pay to get in front of these sellers directly is online.

We do Google AdWords.

You can do that.

We do Facebook ads.

There’s a lot of different ways you can do it.

We have a website that we spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the last several years fine-tuning so when someone types in, “I want to sell my house fast for cash in St. Louis” our website and our name pops up near the top of the list.

Drive Neighborhoods [AKA Driving for Dollars]

We also drive around for properties.

So when we’re going on appointment or just driving around and have some time to kill, we’re looking around and looking at houses and if we see one that looks the grass is really long, if it’s wintertime now and it looks like there’s snow and the driveway hasn’t been shoveled or the roof has snow on and is still showing that there’s no heat in the house, something like that we can tell the house is abandoned or not well taken care of.

We write the address down and we have some software and apps we use.

There’s DealMachine app.

There’s a Driving For Dollars app.

There’s different apps you can use to do this as well and you can click on the house and there’s more than likely if you see some of those signs that’s vacant or not well taken care of.

There’s a higher chance that the owner or occupant is willing to sell.

It’s not guaranteed by any means but it’s a better chance than driving by a pristine house that there’s a chance that they’re looking to sell that potentially a discount.

We’ll have links in the description below for all the types of different software and things we use to help kind of make the process run smoother.

Other Videos to Further Explain the BRRRR Method

So if you’re wanting to know what the rest of the BRRRR stands for and then kind of an overall outline of what the BRRRR strategy is, click on this link up here.

We have a video explaining that.

For the next step in the BRRRR strategy which is the Rehab (R), we have a video link right here.

We’re going to detail the best ways to rehab the property and get the most bang for your buck and make it a great rental.

05:16  How Much Should You Offer? [Must Be A Deal For It To Work]

So now that you found the deal, how do you know the right price to offer on the deal?

There’s a lot of different ways to do this.

The formula we use we feel like it’s pretty simple and works very well for the BRRRR strategy.

05:27  The Formula to Calculate Your Maximum Offer

The formula we use we take ARV, which is After Repair Value, we multiply that by a percentage and we minus out the repairs and that multiplication percentage kind of varies on the area or what you’re looking to do.

ARV * %Percentage – Repairs = Maximum Offer

So a quick example is we’ll take an ARV of a property if we think the property is worth $100,000 we’ll take $100,000 times it’ll either be between 0.7 and 0.8 and then we’ll minus out the repairs.

So just a quick little example $100,000 times 0.75 – $25,000 doing the math is a $50,000 offer that’s how we’ll come up with the offer.

$100,000 X .75 = $75,000 minus $25,000 (repairs) gives a

Maximum Offer $50,000

We know that that gives us enough discount to refinance it through the bank.

It should give us enough discount to buy it to where we can rehab it and make it nice enough for a tenant and potentially hopefully cash flow.

06:17  Funding the Deal

Alright, now that we’ve found the deal and we know the right price to purchase it at, let’s figure out the different ways you can fund your deal.

There’s endless ways to fund the deal. You just want to make sure you have enough money for the purchase price and the repair.

You can use your own money but we’re really pushing for and what I’ve done is using other people’s money.

So we’re kind of gonna go into how you can use other people’s money to do this.

06:42  Using OPM or Other People’s Money

The two most common used and easiest ways to fund the deal are through private money and hard money. Let’s go into those real quickly.

So private money is just using other people’s money that you know whether it’s your parents, your

grandparents, family, friends, anybody that has some extra cash that they maybe want to diversify their portfolio and not have it all on the stock market or all over here all in the bank.

Just a way to have a very secure investment in you and the deal.

This is a great way. This is how we fund probably 75 to 80 percent of the over 100 rentals I’ve done has been with private money.

It’s great for me because I get money relatively cheaply and it’s also great for the investor because they get a very, very, very secure way to diversify their portfolio.

If you can talk to these people and really sell them on the quality and security of this investment, this is a great way to go.

07:36  Using Hard Money Lenders

Another great way to fund deals is using hard money lenders.

Every big city has one.

How to Find “Hard Money Lenders”…

  1. Online

A great way to find these is just going online type in local “hard money lenders”.

If they’re legitimate they’ll have a website.  And you’ll be able to go through and figure out a contact information through that.

  • Meetup Groups

Another great way is going to those local Meetup Groups we talked about.

A lot of them will have hard money lenders there or people there will know hard money lenders.

  • FaceBook

Third way is the Facebook that we keep talking about.

You can go on there and you can type in local hard money lenders and just ask around or go to one of those local investment groups and type in hard money lenders.

I promise you within five minutes, they’ll be about five or six of them hammering you away and telling you to give them a call they have the best rates or the best in town.

Hard money lenders are great to work with.

Their rates are usually little bit higher because most of the time they’re borrowing money at a lowering percentage from a bank and then marking it up slightly.   There may be some fees there’s some points on the phone or back-end.

So it’s a little more complicated potentially and a little more money but they’re great and easy to work with.

You know that they’re gonna be there if you are approved with them.

You know that they’re gonna have the money and you know you can close.

You can confidently put an offer on a property if you have the relationships set up with the hard money lender where you know you’re gonna close and that is a great way to be.

Funding Using Retirement Plans

Another kind of way you can do that is use retirement plans, self-directed IRA, there’s a lot of different ways.

Basically, just think of any way you can come up with a large sum of cash.

Potentially the interest rates or the terms will not be ideal but understand the key purpose.

These are short-term solutions to get you to the long-term solution of bank financing.

09:10  House Buying Avatar

Alright, I’m with my partner Lucas here. We’re gonna talk about how specific you do or don’t get when you’re going through your avatar of the type of property that you’re looking to do the BRRRR strategy with.

So, Lucas what would you say an ideal first house would be if someone’s just wanting to get in and use the BRRRR strategy?

Our ideal first house is a house that’s worth about 75,000 to 150,000 and rents for probably 800 to 1,300. That’s the kind of sweet spot we want to stay in.

There’s a retail market in the areas that we’re doing this BRRRR strategy and in that way we can have the correct sales comparables that we need to be able to get the right appraisal and refi out of the of the deal.

So as Luke just telling you we have an exact type of end price that we look for.

There’s a lot of different ways you can pick your avatar:

  • You can have a certain price range of houses.
  • You can have a certain exact local area.
  • You can have a certain rent like you’re looking for.
  • You can have a certain year built.


A lot of people, like Bryan, he wants something built after 1950.


Within a half an hour of the office kind of pretty similar to what we want.

So you can give those exact details of that that type of narrowed in or we are a little bit more flexible.

We have some slabs. We have some three bedrooms.

We have some two bedrooms. We have some small apartments.

We have some storage facilities.

We have a lot of different real estate lanes but there’s a lot of different things we buy.

When investing in single-family rentals, we believe that it’s important to be within a certain distance from your home or your office.

We picked 30 miles from our office but by nature, single-family roofs and houses are spread out.

So there’s not a lot of scalability there.

So we like to keep them in our local market and be able to get to them if there’s an issue quickly.

It also makes it a lot easier to do the comparisons if you’re in the same area, same market and it helps you get out there maintenance quicker.

Just it just makes it easier for everybody.

11:15  Easier For Tenants When Paying Rent

To collect rent.

To send you rent.

If they want to drop off rent, some of our tenants drop off rent still. They don’t mail it in or pay online.

So if we’re farther away, we want to make it as easy as possible for that tenant to pay us.

So that’s another reason that we like to have things close.

So that is the way that we figure out our avatar.

We do know a lot of people that invest throughout the entire country in good cash flowing areas and the only way you can do that with a BRRRR method is if you have boots on the ground, and people to handle property management.

Now that you found the deal and you’re buying it at the right price, how do you buy the deal?

11:48  How To Buy The Rental Properties

So we buy deals mainly three different ways.

  1. Use a bank funding
  2. Use a private lender or
  3. Use a hard money lending company.

So those are the three main ways we do it. There’s a lot of different ways, you can mix and match.

The two biggest ways to financing is using other people’s money or through hard money and private money.

We’re going to go into each of those in a little bit more detail because those are the most common ways that we use money to buy deals and common kinds of ways you’ll use money to buy deals.

So, our favorite way that we funded probably 90% of our rentals is using private money.

You can find a private money guy in many different ways just ask around.

Family. Friends.

There’s a lot of different ways to get private money.

People that have extra money they want to diversify their portfolio a little bit or they don’t have all the money in the bank, these are really short-term secure investments for them and you really need to sell yourself and the deal to them.

Another awesome thing with private money is you can fund the purchase of the house and also the rehab of the house at the same time.

As long as you’re buying the property at enough of a discount, your private lender’s investment will be safe.

The returns on private money are usually the lowest as well. Between the two: hard money and private money.

Private money terms usually are 8 to 12 percent.

  • Kind of depends on the person you’re borrowing the money from.
  • Kind of depends on your experience.
  • Kind of depends on the actual deal but it usually ranges in that 8 to 12 percent return rate which is which is pretty good when you talk about buying property.

Alright, the second main way that we found our deals is through hard money.

This is a great way to fund your deals if you don’t have access to private funds or even if you do.

13:26  Mix and Match Funding Sources

We kind of mix and match both.

Alright, when we use hard money to purchase a property we usually pair it with either private finance private lenders or a line of credit or cash for the rehab of the property.

Hard money can be awesome to use and the people that you will be borrowing money for on the hard money side potentially are businesses that have bigger pockets than your private money guys.

Some of your private money people may or may not be able to fund four or five deals at once.

Potentially, your hard money if you’re approved for that amount they have the money, the deep pockets to do that or you can mix and match a little bit.

If we’re doing four or five deals at a time for our portfolio, lots of times three or four loans will be with the private money and the other one or two maybe with hard money.

Just kind of keep your funds spread out a little bit.

Larger businesses do mean higher overheads.

So those rates typically range from 12 to 18 percent.

And there are maybe a little bit more rules and regulations and stipulations you have to follow with those.

So it makes it a little bit, a little bit harder.

If you’re approved with a good hard money lender, they can make it really easy to confidently put offers on properties and to close and fund your deal.

14:34  How to Fund the Rehab Part of the Project

There are some hard money lenders that will lend the rehab funds but usually have to go through construction disbursement which is a pain, to be honest.

So it’s possible and if it’s your only way to be able to rehab a property then do it but I would start looking for other ways to fund your rehab.

  • You can use private money to fund your potential rehab.
  • You can use a home equity line.
  • You can use credit cards.
  • You can use your own cash.
  • You can use retirement type of security.

There’s a lot of different ways to do that because usually the repairs gonna be less than the purchase.

So you usual potentially have to come up with maybe $10,000 to $20,000.

That’s a little bit easier to come up with the actual purchase price.

So the B part of the BRRRR strategy is extremely important.

All the other letters. All the other parts of the strategy, hinge on buying the property at the right price, in the right area, that will produce income that you can refinance out of.

It all hinges on buying the property right.

Yes, if you don’t, if you rehab the property correctly, if you rent the property correctly, if you refinance the property correctly, and if you repeat correctly, if none of it matters if you don’t buy the property at the right discount.

And to kind of to stress again on if you buy it at the right discount, it gives you multiple exit strategies.

If you get relocated on your job, if this is your full-time job or if your spouse gets relocated, or for some reason you have to get out the property.

If you buy it properly, you don’t necessarily have to use the BRRRR strategy.

You can have multiple different exit strategies in case things come up.

Life happens and you never know.

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Rental and Rehab Case Studies – How Using OPM Can Accelerate Your Investing

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Having additional money sources also comes in handy when you are wholesaling as well!

Suzanne Luther and Dustin Hoog with FasterFunds Lending have experience lending on over 500 properties in the St. Louis area.

Come on out and learn from some amazing local investors as they give you insight on their business and show you case studies on how they used hard money to achieve their real estate dreams!

You will learn a ton about hard money and get some great tips from investors who are in the trenches every day.

You do not want to miss this!

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