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Using proven methods to create wealth through real estate

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Spring 2021

FasterHouse Office Building
2nd Floor (stair access only)
3320 Rue Royale
St. Charles, MO 63301

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What’s holding you back….OR slowing you down?
> Do you think you need a large wad of cash to get started?
> Are you putting 20% down on each property and simply running out of money?
> Are you worried about your credit score or if a bank will finance you?
> Afraid to talk to bankers?
> Do you not have any idea where to even find good investment deals?
> Is it the lack of a “step by step” plan for acquiring that first property?
> Do you need to understand how to properly analyze investment deals?
> Are you excited about real estate investing but just don’t know where to start?
> Are you frozen because you can’t decide what type of property to buy?
> Maybe you haven’t taken the first step because you do not know what area or type of property you want to invest in?
> Do you NOT consider yourself handy?
> Are you concerned that you do not know how much repairs cost?
> Not sure where to find trustworthy, honest contractors?
> Are your relatives and friends telling you scary stories of terrible tenants?
> Is the challenge of finding and keeping great tenants seem impossible?
> Do you not know how to screen for quality tenants?
> Do you need the leasing documentation to get started?
> Are you worried about the future of the real estate market?
> Do you think we are at the peak of the housing cycle?
> Are you concerned that there will be another 2008 around the corner?
We will be answering ALL these questions and MORE … Click the button to get going!

Lessons For Financial Freedom

Be Prepared For 2 BIG Days of Learning … Nothing Will Be Held Back!

Power Of Real Estate

Real Estate is the single most powerful investment strategy the world has every known. It has created more millionaires than any one type of investing. We will show you EXACTLY what investing in real estate can do for you and your family and EXACTLY how to get started or how to boost your current real estate investment game.

Maximize the BRRRR Strategy

The BRRRR Strategy is a proven way to invest in real estate with no money out of your own pocket. We will break down each step of the way with real life examples and show you how easy it can be to create cashflow that can last a lifetime.


Finding the Right Deal for YOU!

Step number on the path to creating long term financial wealth through real estate is finding the right deal. We will show you how to find the right deal and where to go to find it. There is a hidden market FULL of deals that you can buy at a huge discount off market value. Getting deals bought properly sets up rest, come see how to buy them right!

Analyzing Deals

Once you find a deal, you need to know how to analyze it to assure that it will create equity and turn into a cashflow beast. We will give your our proprietary formulas, calculator and analysis tools that you can use to assure you know the breakdown of every investment. You will leave with all the knowledge and tools to be confident in your buying criteria!

Rehab the Right Way

Once you find a good deal and close, you need to effectively and efficiently rehab the house. We know what to do and also what NOT to do when it comes to rehabbing houses. We will show you how to make the right decisions that will cut back on future maintenance, maximize your equity and make sure you get the most monthly cash in your pocket possible!

Financing Fundamentals

There are may different ways to navigate short term and long term financing. We will break down each different option and give you the basis of knowledge to know exactly what terms fit what you are trying to accomplish. You will walk out the door with a unique understating of financing and the banking systems.

Finding Long Lasting Tenants

Now that you have a great house that is rent ready (thanks to our systems ?), it is time to get a great tenant in place. This is a crucial piece of the cash flow pie. We will show you how we get an average of 6 years per tenant, which is unheard of! We have process and procedures we stick to that allow us to retain tenants, and therefore greatly increase cash flow. We will show them to you and teach you how to apply them!

Putting It All Together

We will summarize and wrap our proven processes in a nice bow, so that you have an in depth understanding of how every step of the process works. Creating a cash flowing portfolio can be intimidating but we will make it simple and tie it all together so when you walk out the door you are confident and ready to change your life for the better!

Real World Case Studies

It does not get more “Real World” than what you will see at this BootCamp. Bryan, Sam and Lucas own hundreds of rentals and flip almost 200 houses a year. They will bring real examples and show you the exact numbers on some realistic case studies. Come see that it is very possible and let these guys show you real examples to prove it!

PLUS…Bus Tour of Our Current Properties We Are Working On For Rentals!!

2 Full Days of Intense Real World
Knowledge Upload!

We have aggressively priced our BootCamp because we want everyone to be able to afford to be able to access the knowledge!

Only 20 seats available
and at this price they WILL go fast!

Only $4,997

Couples get a $500 discount per person ($1,000 savings)

The best deal you will ever come across!

Just Some Of What TO Expect…

2 FULL DAYS OF HANDS ON INSTRUCTION – each day will be jam packed full of real-life content from 3 of the TOP real estate investors in the region, who are actively investing!

CASE STUDIES – tons of real-world case studies of actual BRRRR deals that have been completed recently and detailed breakdowns of every aspect of the deal!

HOW TO DO A DEAL FROM A to Z – learn exactly how to do a complete investment deal from start to finish. When you walk out the door you will know exactly what to expect and be equipped with the tools to be as successful as you possibly can!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START IMMEDIATELY – walk away with the knowledge you will need to start your next (or first) real estate deal immediately. No need to complete any other courses.

MAKE A CASH FLOW MACHINE – Discover the best ways to create the maximum amount of cash flow to help you achieve whatever your financial freedom looks like!

DEVELOP YOUR LEGACY PLAN – Complete an outline of a legacy, wealth building strategy for yourself that will last for generations!

POWER OF “OPM” – Learn how to invest in real estate using “Other People’s Money” (OPM) to grow infinite returns. This will jumpstart your life to achieve freedom without using a DIME of your own money! Seriously, these guys can prove it because they have done it!

LEARN BRRRR – Discover the secrets to finding, funding, renovating, and renting investment property

EASY BUTTON FOR DEALS – Learn how to find all the deals needed to fill your pipeline and create a legacy of financial success through real estate!

Just come with an open mind and thirst for success!

I Do Want To Take Charge Of My Future…

I have heard enough, I’m in…

Local Real Estate Expert Instructors

Bryan, Lucas and Sam own and operate FasterFreedom. Combined, they have well over 30 years of local expertise and experience.

They own about 250 doors and over 25 Million in local real estate investments.

Has bought and sold over 1,000 houses in the last 10 years

Real estate master since 2002

Owns over 130 single family rentals

OG of STL real estate investment
Has successfully negotiated over 25 million dollars in real estate deals in the last few years

Owns over 115 Doors and 78 Storage Units rental portfolio
worth over $10 Million with Lucas

Just getting started…!
Successfully manages 75+ rehabs a year

Leads a company that buys 170+ houses a year

Owns over 115 Doors and 78 Storage Units rental portfolio
worth over $10 Million with Sam

Just getting started…!

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this boot camp for new investors or do you need to be experienced?

This event is for everyone! Whether you have done zero deals or 100 deals, this will be an extremely invaluable tool you can use to create financial freedom through real estate. We will meet you wherever you are in your real estate investing path and help get you to where you want to be!

Do I need a lot of money to invest in real estate using what you teach?

Nope…. There are many ways to invest in real estate but they way we have built our rental portfolios with little to ZERO dollars out of our own pocket. The strategies and methods we will teach will allow you to grow a virtually unlimited income with no money out of your pocket.

Can I bring a spouse or partner?

Each person that attends needs to pay their own way. We are priced extremely competitively and feel we provide an unheard-of amount of value for the price.

Will this be a 2 FULL day event?

Yes, this event will be 2 full days. We will provide snacks, lunch and there will be amble breaks. Come ready to spend a fun filled 2 days that will transform your financial future.

What do I need to bring?

Come ready to learn and with an open mind. We will provide writing utensils and booklets to take notes. You can bring a laptop to take notes if you need to. We will provide snacks, lunch and drinks.

Do I need to know anything about real estate investing?

No. We have enough resources and knowledge that we can help someone who has zero experience as well as someone who has done hundreds of deals. The information and systems we provide work for anyone in any stage of real estate investing.

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

No way! This is a proven way to create wealth through real estate. However, this is not a get rich scheme. This is a way to strategically and intelligently create cash flow machines using our proven methods. You can get richer than you ever imagined but it takes purposeful action and accountability.

Do you have a payment plan?

We do not have any payment plans. Our price is due upon reservation of your seat. We intentionally make our prices affordable so we can help as many people as possible.

Other Questions People Have Asked…

Yes, and we’ll discuss the different identities such as Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corp and C-Corp
Yes, we’ll provide all the information on the local banks we use and explain why we selected them.
Yes, we will be talking about contractors and even share our contractors’ information.
You will have access throughout the whole day plus possibly after the day, but we haven’t settled on anything yet.
Yes, we will talk about our marketing and how we come across deals.
Right now, No. The Buyers’ club is $100 for a yearly membership.

What are you waiting for?

It’s just $4,997!

($8,997 for a couple)

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